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If you're a founder or leader in SaaS, technology, healthcare, or innovation sectors and need a marketing expert to create holistic marketing strategies that drive value for the business, you've come to the right place. 

I work across multiple timezones with clients located across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

I've helped brands double their digital footprint, build community, and establish marketing engines that drive acquisition.

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I help startups and scaling businesses build a marketing engine to fuel their growth and awareness. 

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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MY process

We'll have a 15-minute introductory call to determine if we're the best fit to work with each other. Come prepared to share your business needs and vision for the future. 


I'll conduct a Founder/Leader in-take that will uncover specific details about what's working/what's not, key objectives, blockers, and scope of work. 

Discovery In-Take

At this stage, we are ready to go! We begin our work together with a project timeline for deliverables and get to work.  


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Fractional CMO

I temporarily fill the gap on your team as the head of marketing for a minimum of 6 months. I provide strategic leadership, ensuring your marketing aligns seamlessly with your business aspirations. I will even help you plan for and hire your first marketing resources.

Marketing consultant

I create tailored strategies and insights that elevate your brand and resonate with your audience, FROM MARKETING FOUNDATIONS TO GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY. this is the best option for businesses who need a marketing leader on a short-term project basis (3 months+).

Startup advisor

I advise startups and scale-ups on how to manage and market their brands, build their marketing teams, and set objective-driven strategies. the early journey of a founder can be overwhelming, let's work together to set you up for success.

leadership coach

I work one-on-one with founders and leaders to help them move past mental roadblocks and refocus on their top priorities. as a leader you might feel you're being pulled in every direction. together we'll set your goals, outline your first steps, and check-in on how you're doing, overall!


Straight talk,
impactful strategy,
defined objectives,
short emails, 

what you won't:

Long timelines,
wasted efforts,
amateur tactics,
lack of clarity.

that's what (they) said:

Rashel came in like fireworks and contributed her energy and vast expertise to help us level up our branding and messaging. She brought fresh insight and perspective to our marketing team and served as a great industry mentor at every level of the team. Her work with us produced the focus and stability we needed at the time and had a net positive impact on our team's performance.

Alana Twelmeyer, Head of design, shipperhq

Rashel was one of our earliest advisors at Float and really helped us clarify and execute some of our earliest marketing efforts prior to hiring a marketing leader. She is a solid communicator and very easy to work with. She effectively manages 'big picture' vs. tactical execution and isn't afraid to be candid when she needs more clarity. She was especially strong with content and social media. Would definitely recommend considering her as a partner"

Rob Khazzam, co-founder & Ceo, Float

When someone with Rashel's background enters the world of consulting, we should all jump at the chance to learn from her. Between her marketing work in finance, QSR, tech, and her entrepreneurial ventures - Rashel brings to the table a strong POV backed by in-the-field experience and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Rashel helped us in the early stages of building our first marketing team post-Series A raise. Identifying the right roles, their responsibilities and going as far as working with them one-on-one, Rashel provided tremendous support during our time working together.

Rebecca gill, co-founder & Cmo, shopthing

ready to level up your marketing?

Reach out today to book a 15 minute introductory call to discuss your business, your problem-set, and how I can make your life easier!

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