Why Is She So Interesting?

In this episode of "She's Interesting," host Rashel Hariri unveils the inspiration behind her podcast—created to celebrate and spotlight the victories and voices of women over 30.

With over 14 years in Marketing, spanning sectors from non-profit to technology, Rashel has honed her skills as a marketer, advisor, and startup coach. Her mission? Aiding founders and leaders in producing high-impact marketing strategies and bolstering business visibility. But beyond her professional achievements, Rashel's heart beats for equality. From the playground to the boardroom, she has consistently championed equality throughout her life. Her zeal to amplify female narratives and showcase women trailblazers is palpable in every episode. Join her as she highlights the stories of women changemakers.

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Rashel is a Marketer, Consultant, Advisor, Speaker, and Podcaster. Over the years, she's been at the forefront of marketing and digital campaigns for some of the world's most iconic brands. She is dedicated to amplifying victories of women in business and changing the narrative around aging. 

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  • Early childhood and feminism
  • Representation in the media and online
  • Leaving perfection at the door

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