From ideation to launch: launch party recap and how to not care what people think

In this episode, Rashel Hariri takes you behind the scenes of the She's Interesting launch party. In the first segment, get an exclusive look at our vibrant partners and sponsors who made it all happen, and tune into the highlights of a riveting panel discussion. The conversation delves deep into the world of angel investing, the ins and outs of managing a bootstrapped business, and the pressing question on everyone's minds: how can we uplift and support women in future endeavours?

But that's not all. The latter part of this episode pivots to a more personal note, addressing a hurdle many face: the weight of others' opinions. Discover four transformative tips on how to free yourself from societal expectations and external judgments and pave your path to truly living your best life. Don't miss this compelling blend of business insights and empowering life lessons!

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RAshel hariri
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She's Interesting

  • Taking your idea to launch
  • A recap of the She's Interesting launch event
  • How to no worry about the opinions of others
  • How to use acceptance as your tool for success

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