In the latest episode of "She's Interesting," Rashel dives into a captivating conversation with the remarkable Eva Lau, Co-Founder and General Partner at Two Small Fish Ventures. Eva isn't just any entrepreneur — she stands out as one of the select women spearheading a venture fund in Canada. With her background rooted in engineering and tech leadership, she offers invaluable insights into her exhilarating ride with Wattpad, a company that made headlines with its staggering $600M sale in 2021. But success didn't come easy. Eva recounts the nerve-wracking times when she, alongside partner Allen, teetered on the brink of losing it all. Yet, their indomitable spirit led to the birth of the world's most triumphant storytelling platform. Venture further into the episode as Eva shares her ASSET Framework and decodes her investment strategy, shedding light on her fascination with AI, Web3, and the future of computing. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and intrigued. 

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Episode 7

From Engineer to Investor: Eva Lau's Entrepreneurial Evolution and Vision for Tech's Future

Eva lau,
engineer, founder, investor

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Eva Lau is a respected entrepreneur-turned-investor and one of the few women leading a venture fund in Canada. As a founding and general partner of Two Small Fish Ventures, she leverages her experience to help early-stage transformative tech companies achieve internet scale. 

Before launching Two Small Fish Ventures, Eva was a founding team member of Wattpad, one of Canada’s most successful tech companies. As head of the community and content for the storytelling platform, she helped the company scale from hundreds to tens of millions of users. 

Eva continues to offer her time and expertise to help other tech companies succeed and is involved with many incubators and accelerators. She also serves on the board of many startups and Volta, Upside Foundation, and Branksome Hall.  

  • The end of an era with Wattpad
  • How to make decisions and play chess with your life decisions
  • The early days of bootstrapping Wattpad, starting with the nail-biting near-loss of her home, leading up to a remarkable $600M sale!
  • Eva’s ASSET Framework and what it means to have a strong network effect
  • Eva’s vision for the future of tech in AI, Web3, and Computing
  • Eva’s money mindset and belief in being custodians of wealth

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