In this episode, we're joined by Sigute Zitikyte, a seasoned Personal Brand Consultant and Certified Business Coach has a remarkable track record, collaborating with top-tier companies like Shopify and Mindvalley. Her mission is to help professionals reclaim control over their careers by embracing their passions and establishing a solid online presence. In this episode, she shares insights on career transitions, money mindset, and how to build thriving online businesses. 

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Episode 8

Unleashing Your Multi-Passionate Self: Sigute Zitikyte's Pivot From Corporate Life to Coaching

Sigute Zitikyte
Personal Brand Consultant and coach

this episode covers


Sigute Zitikyte is a Personal Brand Consultant, Certified Business Coach, and author of Multi-Passionate: How to Claim Your Identity and Radiate as a Multi-Passionate in a Linear World. She writes a weekly column, The Friday Newsletter, that helps ambitious professionals find their voice, build a career off the beaten path, and finally embrace their multi-passionate selves.

Sigute has worked with world-class companies, including Shopify and Mindvalley. Her consulting “side hustle” quickly turned full-time, allowing her to quit her corporate job! Sigute has consulted for hundreds of online business owners and helped launch and grow multiple 7-figure businesses, including Dharma Coaching Institute and Evercoach by Mindvalley, as well as numerous projects for bestselling books and podcasts in the personal transformation space.

As a former “secretly ambitious” professional, Sigute launched her coaching business during The Great Resignation of 2021 to support the wave of professionals who began building non-traditional careers online. 

  • Crafting your identity and personal brand after leaving the corporate world.
  • Embracing risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Tips for setting up a successful day, managing imposter syndrome, and taming nerves.
  • Scaling businesses to 7-figures and adopting a money mindset.
  • The undeniable importance of Personal Branding.
  • Mastering the art of managing multiple businesses and income streams as a solopreneur.

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