Join us as we sit down with Connie Lo, the incredible Co-Founder of Three Ships, a transformative natural skincare brand. Connie shares her journey from high school entrepreneur to leading an 8-figure business.

Learn about the genesis of Three Ships, including the pivotal meeting with Co-Founder Laura Burget and their rebranding journey. Connie provides insights into getting a DTC brand into retail and successful fundraising strategies.

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SEASON 2  Episode 2

Navigating Clean Beauty: How Connie Lo is Building Three Ships into an 8-Figure Business

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Connie Lo is a pioneer of effective, natural skincare, prioritizing transparency in the clean beauty sphere. With a commitment from farm to shelf, each product from Three Ships boasts science-backed, plant-derived ingredients, void of fillers or chemicals, housed in 100% recyclable packaging.

At Three Ships, Connie spearheads retail sales, HR, and investor relations. Her journey began with childhood DIY face masks, fostering a belief in holistic skincare over makeup concealment. Coupled with a fervor for entrepreneurship, Connie embarked on business ventures in high school and chaired international entrepreneur competitions at Queen’s University. Combining her passions, she co-founded Three Ships in 2017 with Laura Burget, pooling $4,000 CAD to address the lack of affordable, clean skincare.

Connie's accolades include Forbes 30 Under 30, ACCE Young Entrepreneur Award, EY Entrepreneur of the Year® in Ontario, and RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year. 

  • Connie’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship, from Elementary School to University 
  • Tips on how to manage imposter syndrome with personal wins
  • When Connie met Laura, the dinner that set their fate
  • Entrepreneurial comparison, finding inspiration in other brands, ignoring celebrity brands as competition
  • Discover the reasoning behind Three Ships' rebranding decision
  • Understand why Connie and Laura declined a deal on Dragon's Den and their post-episode preparations 
  • Uncover Three Ships' journey to profitability and prioritizing customer experience
  • Being a relationship-led founder and connecting with retailers
  •  Connie’s mindset from scarcity to abundance 

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