Join us in this captivating episode as we sit down with Zoey McKenzie, former model turned investor and founding partner of Public Ventures. Discover Zoey’s journey from her active childhood learning to embrace ADHD to becoming a renowned advocate for health equity and climate preparedness. Dive into impact investing and learn how Zoey's $100 million fund drives positive change in climate change, poverty, and health disparities.
Zoey shares her non-traditional path to VC and offers valuable insights on building a successful fund. This episode will help you gain practical advice on overcoming imposter syndrome, fundraising for entrepreneurs, and navigating the business world. We also dig into horoscopes and spirituality because it wouldn't be a She's Interview without going deep into the human psyche. 

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SEASON 2  Episode 5

Conquering ADHD and Venture Capital: Zoey McKenzie’s $100M Impact Fund for Positive Change

Zoey McKenzie
Public ventures

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Zoey is a former a model turned investor, and a passionate advocate for health equity and climate preparedness. She was nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30 award in consumer technology in 2015 and has since been involved in ventures that aim to improve the lives of underserved communities worldwide. She is founding partner of Public Ventures, a $100 million impact fund that invests in early-stage life science and clean tech startups, particularly in Canada. Public Ventures is dedicated to backing the technology leaders of the future who are tackling some of the most pressing challenges of our time, such as climate change, poverty, and health disparities. Zoey believes that innovation powered by philanthropy can be a powerful force for good and that policy change and strategic investments can unlock trillions of dollars for social and environmental impact.

  • Zoey’s Early Years: From a precocious child to discovering her ADHD 
  • Tech Passion: Pitch competitions, syndications, and government work 
  • Impact Investing Journey: The pivotal moment leading Zoey to health sciences and the UN 
  • Building a Fund: Ground-up strategies for fund-raising and reputation building 
  • Founder Advice: Tips for raising funds, brand elevation, and building support systems 
  • Spiritual Insights: Unveiling spirituality's role in business and embracing your divine plan

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